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Recently, Peter Gell the Principal Trading Standards Officer wrote to the Parish Council about Rogue Trading.  This is the text of his letter.

During the summer months each year, my Service receives an influx of complaints from consumers regarding unsatisfactory home improvements undertaken by Tradespersons.

Many of the tradespersons cold call on the homeowner and convince them to have work carried out which they either, do not need or otherwise would not have. Examples of poor work recently undertaken include, replacement window installations, landscaping and tarmacing.

In order to help protect your parishioners against rogue traders, I have attached some guidance below along with some promotional literature which I hope you may be able to disseminate.

  1. Choose a tradesperson from the Trading Standards Approved List. This can be obtained by telephoning Bedfordshire Trading Standards. 01234 228280 or accessing the website
  2. Obtain three quotes in writing before deciding which tradesperson to choose. Each quote should clearly state the work to be undertaken, the cost and give details relating to the ownership of the business.
  3. If a tradesperson cold calls at your home, do not agree to have any work undertaken. A reputable tradesperson will be happy for you to think about whether you really want the work, and let you contact them at a later date if you wish to proceed.
  4. Consider recommendations made by friends and neighbours. Ensure however that work undertaken for them by a tradesperson has been completed satisfactorily and is not still in progress.
  5. Where possible ask to see work already undertaken by the tradesperson.