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Clerk to the Parish Council


Mandy Wilson
8 Pinchmill Way 01234 782816 Mondays and Wednesdays between 9 & 12
Sharnbrook Outside those hours please use voicemail or send an email.

Parish Councillors


Susan Owen (Chairman)

12 Beeby Way

Tel:  721753




Jason Julyan (Vice Chairman)

46 The Causeway

Tel:  720896

 Planning, Playing Field



Members of the Council

Anne Geerts

13 Street Close

Tel:  721335

Finance and General Purpose Committee (Signature), Playing Field


Jane Tusting

Hill House Farm

Tel:  720908

Finance and General Purpose Committee (Signature), 

Village Hall, Baptist Graveyard



Lisa Dixon

47 High Street

Tel:  721394

Footpaths and Bridleways




Martin Stocker

1 Rectory Close

Tel 07973 182 317

Planning, Parish Plan Committee,


David Jenkins

5 Beeby Way, Carlton

Tel:  720857

 Finance and General Purpose Committee (Signature),

Parish Plan Committee, Website, Highways


Richard Simpson

21 The Marsh,

Tel: 720438
Parish Plan Committee, Highways

Borough Councillor

Our Borough Councillor is Alison Field - Foster Click here for her contact details